About Ireland Earthmovers

Founded in 2011, Ireland Earthmovers offer a range of earthmoving services in the Bay of Plenty and wider Waikato region.

Ricky and Jenn Ireland are the force behind Ireland Earthmovers. Ricky has over 15 years of earthmoving experience in the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato. He is a qualified Effluent Pond Installer, and holds all relevant WTR certificates. Jenn is a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS), a qualification that proves handy for driveway, culvert and underpass projects.

Meet The Owners

The husband & wife team are joined by experienced operators, ranging from civil to agricultural aspects . The whole team has considerable experience with farm works, and having grown up in dairy-farming communities, they have solid knowledge of what’s needed and what’s unnecessary when it comes to farm maintenance.

Let’s Talk

Since founding Ireland Earthmovers, the team have invested heavily in precision site work capability, both with time and with technology. Now their years of experience with millimetre-tolerance levelling can be applied incredibly efficiently, in a way not often seen on small-to-medium scale site works.

Ireland Earthmovers were featured in an industry magazine in April 2020 for their adoption of the high-tech iDig 2D Grade Control System.
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About The Ireland's

Giving back to the community

The Irelands have supported local schools in many ways over the years, donating earthworks and sponsoring prizes for primary and intermediate schools. In Matamata they constructed an impressive and much-loved Moto-X track. Ireland Earthmovers have earned their generous reputation.

Tearing up dirt, on and off the job

Outside of the 9 – 5, the Irelands have a reputation for tearing up dirt in a different sense of the word. Ricky and Jenn Ireland are well-renowned in the burnout crowds, having founded the New Zealand Burnout Championship.