No job too big, no job too small

One of the perks of being a local earthworks company, and not a big corporation, is we get to work with everyone – even the little guys. Ireland Earthmovers are an ideal choice for your new farm shed complex or effluent pond system, but we also shine on the smallest jobs, like backyard clean-ups or dirt-jump construction. While our natural talent is with general farm maintenance, we’re well-established experts in residential and commercial site works.

Most of our earthmoving services are accomplished with our own trusty fleet of excavators, equipped with the latest technology.

We partner with CablePrice to source and service our Hitachi excavators and attachments. Our working relationship with CablePrice means our machines get the highest standard of maintenance, access to major component replacements if necessary, as well as their dedicated ‘Service Assistance’ to keep us running on schedule.

earthmoving services

The little guy

A 2020 model Hitachi USB 65. This excavator is compact and nimble, meaning we can squeeze into smaller spaces to complete residential jobs. The ‘65 is our tool of choice for trenching and small site levelling, and we have grab-buckets at the ready.

The big boys

Hitachi 130L. These high-powered excavators are used for a range of large earthmoving projects. Our Hitachi 130L’s are equipped with iDig 2D Laser Technology to complete precise levelling far more efficiently than many other systems. Time is money! One of these machines is the 2019 model – no old, worn out excavators here. They also have GPS capabilities for when it’s required.

We can easily contract more specific excavators for the bigger jobs.
Special attachments, such as our grabs, are sourced from our friends at Doherty Couplers and Attachments. Haulage is completed in partnership with our friends at Oki Trading NZ, Kainui Contracting Ltd and Murlicht Transport.

Rural & Farm Maintenance

Keep your farm running smoothly

Being from a farming community, we could happily carry out farm maintenance ‘till the cows come home. Whether you are looking for race repairs or construction, drainage, contouring, building sites or pond construction, we have ample experience. We’re familiar with every aspect of farming earthworks.

There is no need to worry about the state of your farm before we arrive onsite, as our fleet of Hitachi excavators are equipped with go-anywhere tracks, meaning you won’t see us stuck in the mud.

New Builds

It all starts with a solid foundation

The foundation is arguably the most important stage of any build project – whether you are building your dream home, your sleep-out or your commercial building.

Get the foundations right the first time with some of the greatest precision technology. Our Hitachi 130L Excavators are equipped with the latest iDig Laser technology enabling laser-point levelling within 3mm. What this means for you is your land is accurately levelled, authenticated by technology.

We partner with Bay Concreting Contractors Ltd, otherwise known as Precision Concrete on Facebook, to provide an overarching foundation service. We’ll do the dig out and infill, and arrange the boxing, formwork and pours – all as one package.

Site Clearing

Restore order to your land

Sometimes life gets away on you and a section grows out of control. So what do you do when a site reaches a state where even a chainsaw won’t do the trick? Take back control by partnering with Ireland Earthmovers. We have the equipment to get the job done, quick and easy.

Ireland Earthmovers can transform your section, removing vegetation, tree stumps, old foundations, general waste and whatever else your section has in store for us.

You might have heard about Precision Site Works Matamata on Facebook. That’s us! Under the Precision Site Works flag we offer a single unified service that covers everything you need for site preparation – from dig out to the final concrete pour.

Precision Site Works allows us to offer much more of our construction and earthworks experience in a streamlined way. From rollers to tip trucks, laser guidance and access to great quality sand and fill, we have the kit and the experience to prepare your site.

Something Different?

We love creative ideas and interesting problems. Talk to the team at Ireland Earthmovers about your next project.